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Project Description
A collection of ASP.NET Controls/Classes that can be reused on different projects (including MOSS 2007, ASP.NET 2.0/3.0/3.5 Web Applications, Web Services, etc).

VisualStudio Add-In for web parts generation

We recently released a VisualStudio Add-In for web parts generation. You can download it from here: VisualStudio Add-In Generator.
A step-by-step tutorial on how the Add-In should be used will follow soon.

ASP.NET version of BaseSkinnedWebPart

The latest release includes an ASP.NET version of BaseSkinnedWebPart class. You can get the signed assembly, source code, samples and documentation here:

SharePoint version of BaseSkinnedWebPart and swpgen.exe

First release of ASPNETLibrary.SharePoint.WebParts assembly includes BaseSkinnedWebPart and swpgen.exe console application.
You can read more about it here: SharePoint version of BaseSkinnedWebPart

MOSS 2007 Controls

First release of this control library includes version of SPPagedGridView control: ASPNETLibrary.SharePoint.WebControls
There is also a test project demonstrating how this control can be used in MOSS web parts. This is a screenshot of that test web part: TestScreenshoot1.jpg

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